Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damaged Home

A severe thunderstorm in Strongsville, Ohio caused tree damage to our customer's residence. There was not only roof damage but resultant interior water damage ... READ MORE

High Winds

Summer storms caused a tree fell onto the roof of this home. The roof damage resulted in ensuing water damage to the interior of the residence. Several rooms ... READ MORE

No Ice In the Refrigerator

These days it's hard to find a refrigerator that does not dispense ice and water, thus requiring a water line. When no new ice is being made or no water comes o... READ MORE

Small Water Line Leak?

Ice makers are standard equipment on most household refrigerators making our lives more convenient. Convenience can be anything but convenient when the water l... READ MORE

White Carpet

Heavy soot and smoke damage is never kind to carpeting, especially white carpet. This carpet did not want to come clean after many attempt by our diligent team... READ MORE

Condo suffers water damage

A pipe broke within the ceiling of the condo and caused water damage throughout the unit. We were there shortly after receiving the call and provided the mitig... READ MORE